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Queer For Fear - Title Sequence

With the world shut down for the pandemic I found myself with the time and ability to create the Title sequence for this incredible Documentary / Mini Series exploring the deep and emotional history of Queer Culture in Horror Cinema.

Watch it on AMC / SHUDDER Sept. 29 , 2022


For my generation, the invention of the video tape format allowed individuals, for the first time, access to decades of films for private home viewing.   Video clubs sprang up in schools and communities creating opportunities for people to view any film we desired, any time we wanted.  Alone or with friends we devoured the stories that spoke to us.

For the first time almost anyone could afford the luxury of disappearing into the magical world of cinema, at home.  

 If you couldn't afford to own this miracle you could rent it.

The VCR.

 Watching our favorite films over and over created ritual and preserved our memories.  Over indulgence caused the intricate machines to rebel by eating our beloved magical & magnetic ribbons.  

Tapes traded like currency.  Titles collected like treasure. 

Safe places created whenever the counter was advancing.

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VisioRCA SelectaVision VBT-200
First Model US VHS VCR

I located, purchased and restored the first model of VHS player released in America in 1977.  Produced by Panasonic for RCA this Faux cherry wood paneled, top loading, analog counter, with-a-digital-clock beauty was designed to CRUSH the Sony BETAMAX system that had come out 2 years previous.  Priced over 300$ cheaper and, with a recording time double that of the Sony format, it quickly achieved its goal.   This machine paved the way for the VHS format to dominate the home video market.

I dismantled the machine with my local electronics wizard and ordered some vintage parts for the restoration.  I filmed the inner workings with an Innovation probe II plus and a Lawa 20mm probe.    It was recorded on an ATMOS 4K SHOGUN tethered to a Sony A7s.   The raw footage  was uploaded via Technicolor to my friends in LA.

 This project was filmed in my basement, with my two daughters as my reluctant film crew while we were in civil lockdown due to the pandemic.

This sequence is born out of love, curiosity and boredom.

I am so proud to have been apart of this project.

Thank You Bryan.

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